Super Bowl XLVII

Published: Tuesday 29th January 2013San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens go head to head in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday 3rd February 2013, try this quiz to get you in the mood.
  1. Super Bowl XLVII will be hosted at the Superdome in New Orleans; on how many previous occasions has this venue hosted the Super Bowl?
  2. Who will sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLVII?
  3. Baltimore Ravens have only made one previous Super Bowl appearance, who did they defeat on that occasion?
  4. On how many previous occasions have the 49ers made the Super Bowl?
  5. Who was voted MVP for the Baltimore Ravens in their only other Super Bowl appearance?
  6. Super Bowl XLVII will be the first where two brothers face each other as head coach, which of the Harbaugh brothers were victorious in their last meeting in the 2011 Thanksgiving Classic?
  7. Who will provide the half time entertainment at the 2013 Super Bowl?
  8. Which San Francisco player has won the Super Bowl most valuable player award on three occasions?
  9. Which gothic author inspired the name of the Baltimore team?
  10. Who did San Francisco defeat in Super Bowl XXIX?
  11. Who did the Ravens defeat to win the AFC Championship?
  12. Who did the 49ers defeat to win the NFC Championship?
  13. How much will a 30 second TV advertisement cost at the 2013 Super Bowl telecast?
  14. Who did the 49ers defeat at their last Super Bowl appearance at the Superdome?
  15. Who was the Ravens founder who died in September 2012 to whom the team have dedicated this season?
  16. Which is the eldest of the two Harbaugh brothers?
  17. Who sang the National Anthem at the Ravens last Super Bowl appearance?
  18. Who was the MVP at the 49ers last Super Bowl appearance?
  19. For which NFL team was John Harbaugh the defensive coach prior to joining the Ravens?
  20. For which team was Jim Harbaugh playing when selected for the Pro Bowl in 1995?

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