The Grand National 1

Published: Thursday 28th March 2013
  1. Which race forms the Spring Double with The Grand National?
  2. What was the name of the Queen Mothers horse that fell on the run-in at the 1956 Grand National?
  3. On which day of the week was the 1997 Grand National race run?
  4. How many fences have to be jumped in the Grand National?
  5. Which horse ran in SIX consecutive Grand Nationals winning once in 1986?
  6. The 1991 Grand National winner shared its name with that of the then sponsor, what was it?
  7. Where was the Grand National staged during World War I?
  8. On how many occasions have horses with the word RED in their name won the Grand National?
  9. Who was the youngest winning jockey in the Grand National?
  10. What is the maximum number of horses that can currently take part in the Grand National?
  11. What was the maximum number of horses that have taken part in a Grand National?
  12. On how many occasions has Ginger McCain trained the winner of the Grand National?
  13. In which year was the first Grand National staged?
  14. Which the only horse to have won both the Grand National and its Scottish equivalent in the SAME year?
  15. Which was the first horse to win the Grand National in under nine minutes?
  16. Which is the only horse to have won the Grand National together with both its Scottish and Welsh namesakes?
  17. In which year was the Grand National first broadcast live on television?
  18. Which horse won both the 2005 Irish Grand National and the 2006 Grand National?
  19. Up to 2013, how many GREYS have won the Grand National?
  20. Who in 1977 became the first female jockey to ride in the Grand National?
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