The Ashes 1

Published: Wednesday 14th August 2013
  1. In which newspaper was the obituary written in 1882 heralding the death of English cricket and the birth of The Ashes?
  2. Where does The Ashes urn now sit?
  3. Which batsman has scored the most runs in Ashes tests?
  4. How many matches generally make up an Ashes Test series?
  5. What is the 1932/33 Ashes series generally known as, due to the tactics of the English bowlers?
  6. What is the highest innings score by any side in an Ashes test match?
  7. At which test venue did Jim Laker achieve record bowling figures of 19 wickets for 90 runs?
  8. How many times has an Ashes series been won 5-0?
  9. Since the first series in 1882/3 on how many occasions have Australia failed to win a match?
  10. When was the first Ashes test played in Wales?
  11. With 195 wickets to his name, who is the most successful bowler in Ashes history?
  12. Which wicket-keeper holds the record for the most dismissals in Ashes cricket?
  13. Which Australian city traditionally hosts the Boxing Day test?
  14. Which Australian pair broke the 10th wicket partnership record with their stand of 163 at Trent Bridge in 2013?
  15. With 43 matches to his name who has played the most Ashes test for England?
  16. Which cricket ground hosted an Ashes test for the first time in 2013?
  17. Who currently holds the record for the most Ashes test matches as Captain?
  18. By how many runs did England defeat Australia in the Edgbaston test of 2005, the smallest winning margin in any Ashes match?
  19. Who bowled the great Don Bradman for a duck in his last ever Ashes innings?
  20. With 54 to his credit, which English all-rounder holds the record for most catches in Ashes Tests?
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