Winter Olympics 1

Published: Friday 14th February 2014
  1. Which nation hosted the first winter Olympics in 1924?
  2. In which winter Olympic venue city would you find the Cresta Run?
  3. The 1972 games were the first to be held in Asia, which city was the host?
  4. Which Country did skater Katarina Witt represent at the 1984 and 1988 games?
  5. In which year was snowboarding added to the Olympic timetable?
  6. Which country won the most medals in the 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2010 games?
  7. Up to 2014, on how many occasions have the USA hosted the winter games?
  8. What nation did triple Olympic gold medallist Sonja Henie represent?
  9. At which year's winter Olympics did Great Britain's Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards compete in the ski-jumping competition?
  10. Which European monarch competed in FIVE winter Olympics?
  11. Which nation has won more Olympic speed skating medals than any other?
  12. Up to 2014, how many times have countries in the Southern Hemisphere hosted the winter games?
  13. Prior to 2014, when was the last time the British team won a curling gold?
  14. At which Olympics did John Curry win his figure skating gold for Great Britain?
  15. In which year was LUGE introduced into the Olympic programme?
  16. In which event did Amy Williams win gold at the 2010 winter Olympics?
  17. Which West End star helped Torville & Dean with their gold medal winning "Bolero" routine?
  18. How many players make up an Olympic curling team?
  19. What was the longest distance raced by male speed skaters at the 2014 games?
  20. Which nation will host the next games in 2018?
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