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Published: Tuesday 1st April 2014
  1. In which year did the first London Marathon take place?
  2. Who fought the Greeks at the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC?
  3. In which year was the marathon distance standardised at 26 miles 385 yards?
  4. What was the name of the Italian athlete disqualified after being assisted over the line at the 1908 Olympic Games?
  5. Which famous British explorer completed 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days in 2003?
  6. To what new name were Marathon bars renamed in the UK in 1990?
  7. At which Olympics was the Women's Marathon first run?
  8. Who wrote of the traditional Marathon story in his 1879 poem entitled "Pheidippides"?
  9. Which British athlete dropped out of the 2004 Olympic Marathon after suffering an upset stomach?
  10. Which comedian ran 43 marathons in 53 days in 2009?
  11. Which US City has staged a marathon every year since 1897?
  12. Prior to 2014, who was the last British male runner to win the London marathon?
  13. In which year was the New York marathon first staged?
  14. Which British Lord starred alongside Dustin Hoffman in the 1976 movie "Marathon Man"?
  15. The New York marathon is traditionally run on the first Sunday of which month?
  16. Who as at 2014 are the sponsors of the London Marathon?
  17. Who were the original sponsors of the London Marathon from 1981 to 1983?
  18. Who as at March 2014 is the current holder of the Women’s Marathon World Record?
  19. Up to 2014, on how many occasions has David "Weirwolf" Weir won the London Marathon wheelchair race?
  20. Which band's 10th studio album released in 1979 was called "Marathon"?
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