World Cup 3

Published: Wednesday 21st May 2014
  1. Which team in the 2010 tournament became the first host nation to be eliminated in the group stages?
  2. Up to 2014 which has been the only tournament to be hosted by TWO countries?
  3. Prior to the 2014 tournament on how many occasions have the Netherlands reached a World cup final?
  4. Who is the only person to have taken part in both World Cup football and World Cup cricket?
  5. Which country will host the 2018 World Cup finals?
  6. Which nation in 1990 became the first African team to reach the Quarter-Finals?
  7. Who in 1990 became the first person to be sent off in a World Cup Final?
  8. Who were the only nation to be undefeated during the 2010 tournament?
  9. Which Spanish player scored the winning goal in the 2010 final?
  10. The USA player Bert Patenaude was the first to achieve what feat during a World Cup tournament?
  11. Which TWO teams played in the first World Cup match in the 1930 tournament?
  12. Who up to 2014 is the youngest player to have taken part in a World Cup tournament?
  13. At which World cup did players first appear with their names on their shirts?
  14. Which nation in 1934 became the first from the African continent to compete in a finals tournament?
  15. Which nation's coach during the 1986 tournament became the first to be sent off?
  16. Of the 19 tournaments held to 2014, how many have been won by the host nation?
  17. Which team in 1934 became the first to MISS a penalty during a World Cup tournament?
  18. Which country will controversially host the 2022 tournament?
  19. Who to date is the oldest player to have played in a World Cup tournament?
  20. Which nation in 1938 scored the first own goal in a World Cup tournament?
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