World Cup 4

Published: Saturday 7th June 2014
  1. How many Englishmen have refereed a World Cup Final?
  2. At which English league ground did North Korea defeat Italy 1-0 in the 1966 World Cup?
  3. With a goal in 10.89 seconds, which country scored the fastest World Cup goal?
  4. What foodstuff provided the mascot for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico?
  5. On how many occasions has a team from South America won a World cup in Europe?
  6. Which TWO players have scored in every round of a World Cup Final tournament?
  7. Up to the 2014 finals, how many World Cup Finals have needed to go to extra time?
  8. Who was the referee who gave THREE yellow cards to Croatian defender Josip Simunic in the 2006 finals?
  9. Apart from Geoff Hurst's famous three goals in the 1966 final, who is the only English player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup tournament?
  10. How many seconds did Uruguayan Jose Batista last in the 1986 tie against Scotland before being shown a red card?
  11. Who is the only manager to have won TWO World Cups?
  12. Who are the THREE English players to have received a RED card during a World Cup tournament?
  13. How many World Cup finals have been decided on penalties?
  14. Only TWO players have received TWO red cards when playing in World Cup tournaments, Rigoberto Song from Cameroon is one, who is the other?
  15. The highest scoring tie in a World Cup tournament was the 1954 quarter final between Austria and Switzerland. How many goals in total were scored?
  16. How many of England's 1966 World Cup winning team received knighthoods?
  17. Which TWO people have won the World Cup both as players and manager?
  18. What was the World Cup mascot for the 1966 finals?
  19. In which year did Wales make its only World Cup finals appearance?
  20. On how many occasions has the World Cup been won by the host nation?
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