American Football 1 - Answers

Published: Thursday 10th February 2022A free quiz about American football.
  1. Which NFL team play their home matches at Arrowhead stadium? Kansas City Chiefs.
  2. With 208 to his name, who as at January 2022, holds the record for the most career touchdowns? Jerry Rice.
  3. What name is given to the move where a defender tackles the quarter-back behind the line of scrimmage? A sack.
  4. In a NFL game how many time-outs are allowed by each team in each half? Three.
  5. Where did superstar quarter-back Tom Brady play his college football? Michigan.
  6. Which stadium hosted the Pro Bowl on 35 occasions? Aloha Stadium, Honolulu.
  7. Having the nickname "The Sheriff", which Quarter-back won Super Bowls XLI & 50 with different teams? Peyton Manning.
  8. How long is each quarter in a NFL game? 15 mins.
  9. Who are the only teams to have reached the Super Bowl in 3 or more consecutive years? Buffalo Bills (1990 - 1993),Miami Dolphins (1971-1973) & New England Patriots (2016-2018).
  10. By what nickname was NFL Hall of Famer Walter Peyton known? Sweetness.
  11. Which is the only NFL team to play their home matches in New York State? Buffalo Bills (The NY Jets & Giants both play in New Jersey).
  12. In which division of the NFL do the Las Vegas Raiders compete? AFC West.
  13. Who was the Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers when they won the first two Super Bowls? Vince Lombardi.
  14. In a NFL game how far must the ball be moved to achieve a first down? 10 yards.
  15. As at 2022 which 4 NFL teams have NEVER reached a Super Bowl? Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions.
  16. How many points are awarded for scoring a safety in the NFL? Two points.
  17. Which NFL team currently play their home matches at Soldier Field? Chicago Bears.
  18. In which year did the first Super Bowl take place? 1967
  19. What is the length of the playing surface of a NFL pitch, excluding the end zones? 100 yards.
  20. Which city hosted the NFL draft in April 2020? Cleveland, Ohio.

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