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Published: Wednesday 27th January 2021A free quiz about all aspects of board games.
  1. How many pawns are there on the board at the beginning of a game of Chess?
  2. Sometimes known as Mr Monopoly, what is the name of the game's mascot character?
  3. What size is the grid on a standard Go board?
  4. Originating in France as "La Conquete Du Monde", by hat name do we know this board game?
  5. Which modern board game is based on a 1930s game called "Lexiko"?
  6. By what name is draughts known by in the USA?
  7. How many triangles (Points) are there on a Backgammon board?
  8. In the original Trivial Pursuit game, what colour were the Art & Literature questions?
  9. The original Monopoly game in the USA used place names from which city?
  10. How many "Triple Word" squares are there on a standard Scrabble board?
  11. In which period of history is the original game of Diplomacy set?
  12. How many tiles are used in the Chinese game of Mahjong?
  13. Which chess piece is known in German as "Der Springer"?
  14. Originally called "Moksha Patam" in India, how do we know this popular board game?
  15. How many dice are used in a normal game of Risk?
  16. On an English Cluedo board which room is linked to the study by a secret passage?
  17. In the English game of draughts which side traditionally makes the first move?
  18. Which TWO letter score 10 points each in an English Scrabble set?
  19. How many "Chance" cards are there in a standard Monopoly set?
  20. What name is given to a board game where the players rather than compete against each other, work together to achieve a common goal?
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