Boxing 1

Published: Saturday 18th June 2016
  1. In which weight division did British boxer Terry Spinks win Olympic gold in 1956?
  2. Who did Muhammed Ali defeat in 1964 to become World Heavyweight champion for the first time?
  3. Over how many rounds is a men's amateur boxing match fought?
  4. Who was the first boxer to win three Lonsdale belts?
  5. Which British boxer was nicknamed "The Dark Destroyer"?
  6. Which middleweight boxer was the first to win $100 million in purse money?
  7. Who in 1930 became the first German World Heavyweight champion?
  8. Who inflicted the first ever professional defeat on Chris Eubank?
  9. From which nation do the boxing Klitscho brothers originate?
  10. Who did Lennox Lewis defeat in 1999 to become undisputed World Heavyweight champion?
  11. At what weight was British boxer Freddie Mills a World Champion?
  12. Which boxer was known as the "Easton Assassin"?
  13. Who in 1956 became the youngest winner of the World Heavyweight championship?
  14. For which nation did Lennox Lewis win boxing gold at the 1988 Olympics?
  15. Which boxer had the longest reign as World Heavyweight champion?
  16. Who is the only boxer to be World Heavyweight champion and go undefeated throughout his career?
  17. Who won the first ever women's boxing Olympic gold medal for the United Kingdom?
  18. In which weight division did boxer Cassius Clay win Olympic gold in 1960?
  19. Which boxer was nicknamed "The Hitman"?
  20. Which World Middleweight champion is often cited as the greatest boxer of all time?
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