Boxing 2

Published: Friday 2nd June 2017
  1. Who did Tyson Fury defeat in November 2015 to become the unified World Heavyweight champion?
  2. Which are the only Olympic Games since 1904 in which boxing did not feature as a sport?
  3. How many minutes does each round last in an amateur boxing match?
  4. Which boxer was named "Sports Personality of the Century" by the BBC in 1999?
  5. As at 2016 who has been the only Swedish World Heavyweight Champion?
  6. Who did Anthony Joshua defeat in April 2016 to become the IBF Heavyweight Champion?
  7. At what weight did Barry McGuigan become WBA World Champion in 1985?
  8. Whose ear did boxer Mike Tyson bite in 1997?
  9. Where did Lennox Lewis fight Frank Bruno for the World heavyweight boxing championship in 1993?
  10. In which weight division did Britain’s James DeGale become IBF World Champion in 2015?
  11. Which British boxer won the World middleweight championship in 1961?
  12. Who won the gold medal for the Heavyweight class in the 1968 Olympics?
  13. To whom did Ricky Burns lose his WBO Lightweight crown in March 2014?
  14. Which British light-heavyweight champion features on the cover of the Wing's album "Band on the Run"?
  15. Who in 2001 became the first Welsh boxer to be crowned "BBC Sports Personality of the Year"?
  16. Which heavyweight boxer was nicknamed "Bone crusher"?
  17. Who defeated Nigel Benn in his last two professional fights?
  18. At what weight did Audley Harrison win gold for Great Britain at the 2000 Olympics?
  19. Who did Muhammed Ali fight in "The Thrilla in Manilla" in 1975?
  20. At what weight was boxer Alan Minter the World champion?
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