Motor Sport 4

Published: Sunday 12th January 2020A free quiz about all aspects of motor sport.
  1. In 1961 which country hosted the first motorcycle Grand Prix to be held outside Europe?
  2. At which Olympic games was Motor Sport a demonstration event?
  3. Who was World champion in the 450cc class of Supercross in 2015, 2016 & 2017?
  4. Which British Formula 1 champion was the winner of the 1966 Indianapolis 500?
  5. Since 2010 how many points are awarded for winning a Formula 1 Grand Prix?
  6. In which year did the inaugural Monte Carlo Rally take place?
  7. Which company since 2011 have been the sole supplier of tyres in Formula 1?
  8. Which three events are often referred to as the Triple Crown of Motor Racing?
  9. The Formula 1 Constructors Championship was first awarded in 1958, who were the winners?
  10. What was the name of the vehicle in which Malcolm Campbell beat the World land speed record in 1931?
  11. In which year was the inaugural race in the FIA Formula One Championship held?
  12. Which Brazilian won the 2016-17 Formula-e World Championship?
  13. Which Grand Prix has kicked off the Formula 1 season on all occasions except two since 1996?
  14. Which make of motorcycle did Marc Marquez win the Moto GP championship in 2013, 2014 & 2016?
  15. Which three circuits have hosted British Formula 1 Grand Prix since 1948?
  16. In which US State does the Daytona 24 Hour race take place?
  17. In which year did Michael Schumacher win his first Formula 1 World Championship?
  18. Which is the oldest active sports car endurance race ?
  19. What drink is traditionally drank at the end of the Indianapolis 500?
  20. In which year was the FIM Superbike championship first competed?
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