Motor Sports 1

Published: Sunday 5th November 2017
  1. Which organisation is responsible for governing four (or more) wheeled motor sports?
  2. Which driver holds the records for the most pole positions in Formula 1 Grand Prix?
  3. With four championships to his name which British rider is the most successful Superbike rider?
  4. Opened in 1907 near Weybridge in Surrey which was the first motor racing circuit in the UK?
  5. The son of which ex-Formula 1World Champion became the first Formula-e World Champion in 2015?
  6. Which British racer is the only person to be World Champion on both two wheels and four?
  7. In which English county is Snetterton motor racing circuit?
  8. Which British driver is considered to be the greatest Grand Prix driver never to win the World Championship?
  9. Who in 2005 became the first British winner of the Indy Car racing series?
  10. What does the abbreviation TT stand for in the name of the Isle of Man motorcycle races?
  11. In which car did Michael Schumacher win his first Formula 1 World Championship?
  12. With 16 wins up to the 2018 season, which team has won the most Formula 1 Constructor titles?
  13. Which Australian former Formula 1 driver was FIA World Endurance champion in 2015?
  14. With seven victories to 2017 which team has won the British Elite Speedway championship on the most occasions?
  15. As at 2018, who is the only French driver to have won the Formula 1 World Championship?
  16. Apart from South Africa, which is the only African country to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix?
  17. Who is the only driver to have won NASCAR's Daytona 500, the Indianapolis 500 and a Formula 1 World Championship?
  18. Which rally has kicked off the World Rally Championship since 2012?
  19. Which circuit has been home to the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix every year except 1980?
  20. What colour flag is waved in Formula 1 to indicate that the driver in front must let a faster car overtake?
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