Olympic Games 2020

Published: Tuesday 10th August 2021A free quiz about the Olympic Games 2020 that were held in Tokyo in 2021.
  1. Who were the Team GB flag bearers at the 2020 Opening ceremony?
  2. Which FIVE events were added to the Olympic calendar at Tokyo 2020?
  3. In which sport did Chelsie Giles win Team GB's first medal at the Tokyo games?
  4. At which sport did Carl Hester become GB's oldest medal winner at the 2020 Olympiad?
  5. Which two countries shared the men's High Jump Gold medal after tying the event?
  6. At what event did Bruce Springsteen's daughter, Jessica, win an Olympic Silver medal at Tokyo 2020?
  7. At 13 years and 28 days who became Team GB's youngest medal winner at the 2020 Olympics?
  8. In which event in Tokyo 2020 did Bermuda gain its first ever Gold medal?
  9. Which is the most populous country NEVER to have won an Olympic medal?
  10. Which cyclist became the first British woman to win Gold medals at three successive Olympic games in 2020?
  11. Who won Team GB's final Gold medal on day 16 of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics?
  12. Winning five Gold medals at the 2020 Olympic games who was the most successful Olympian?
  13. What were the first names of the 16 year old Gadirova twins who won Bronze medals in the team gymnastics for GB?
  14. Nobody wants to finish in Fourth place at the Olympics, but which team had the most Fourth place finishes at the 2020 Games?
  15. At what weight did Galal Yafai win Gold for Team GB in the Tokyo 2020 boxing ring?
  16. At age 66, who was the oldest competitor at Tokyo 2020?
  17. Jason Kenny became Team GB's most decorated Olympian at Tokyo 2020, how many Gold medals des he now have?
  18. In how many different disciplines did Team GB win medals at the 2020 games?
  19. With 284 Gold medals after the 2020 Games where do Team GB stand in the all-time Olympic medal table?
  20. Paris will host the Olympics in 2024, including how many times willFrance have been hosts of the Summer and Winter games?
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