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Published: Friday 17th April 2020A free quiz about all aspects of world racquet sports.
  1. Who suggested that the sport of "Whiff-Whaff" was coming home in 2010?
  2. Which popular Spanish and French game is often referred to as "the fastest sport in the World"?
  3. In which year did the World Squash Championship for women first take place?
  4. Which of the tennis Grand Slams is held first in the year?
  5. In which racquet sport would you use a shuttlecock?
  6. What is the name of the stroke in tennis where the ball is struck prior to touching the ground?
  7. In which South American country is the ball game Paleta Fronton a popular pastime?
  8. Who is the youngest winner of the US tennis Open men's single title?
  9. In which sport is the Corbillon Cup contested?
  10. In which year was badminton added to the Olympic programme as a competitive sport?
  11. Which sport is governed by the ITF?
  12. Who built a Real Tennis court at Hampton Court in 1530?
  13. In which year did the first Wimbledon tennis tournament take place?
  14. Which country as at 2020 currently dominates the world squash rankings?
  15. Who partnered Nathan Robertson in winning Olympic Silver in the badminton mixed doubles in 2004?
  16. At which stadium is the French Open tennis tournament held?
  17. What are the main characteristics of a pickleball?
  18. Which nation has won 28 of the 32 Olympic gold medals awarded in table tennis to 2020?
  19. Originally known as Battledore or Poona, by what name do we now know this sport?
  20. What do the coloured dots on a squash ball indicate?
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