Racquet Sports - 4

Published: Monday 8th January 2024A free sports quiz about all forms of racquet sport.
  1. In which racquet sport did Robert Fahey hold the Men's Singles World Championship from 1994-2016?
  2. What is the minimum number of games that can be played in a set in tennis?
  3. What does the Spanish word "Pelota" literally translate to in English?
  4. Tennis balls are mentioned in which of Shakespeare's plays?
  5. On whose country estate, near Badminton was the racquet sport popularised in England?
  6. Who in 1964, became the England no.1 table tennis player still aged 16?
  7. Which tennis player was stabbed in Hamburg in 1993?
  8. What colour dot on a squash ball indicates it is suitable for beginners?
  9. As at 2024, when was the last occasion that a British male player won the World Table Tennis Championship?
  10. In which sport do American women compete for the Howe Cup?
  11. A pickleball court shares its dimensions with which other racquet sport?
  12. Which nation gained all five gold medals to be awarded for badminton at the 2012 Olympiad?
  13. Which is the only tennis Grand Slam event that is held on grass courts?
  14. What is the name of the principal badminton competition competed for by mixed teams?
  15. How many times have British woman won the World Table Tennis Championship?
  16. How many feathers should there be on a badminton shuttlecock?
  17. By what name did Boris Johnson refer to the game of table tennis in 2010?
  18. Which is the only European country to have won an Olympic gold medal in table tennis?
  19. Played with large gloves studded with nails, where is the sport of Pelota Mixteca played?
  20. What name is given to a tennis serve that cannot be returned by the receiver?
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