Sport Multiple Choice 1

Published: Monday 6th May 2024A free multiple choice quiz about all aspects of sports and games
  1. Which was the first player to score a penalty in the English Premier League, [a] Alan Shearer, [b] Brian Deane, [c] Teddy Sheringham or [d] Les Ferdinand?
  2. Who in 1971 inflicted the first loss in Muhammed Ali's professional fight career, [a] Joe Frazier, [b] Sonny Liston, [c] Mike Tyson or [d] Floyd Patterson?
  3. At which Olympics did Steve Redgrave win his first rowing Gold medal, [a] 1984 Los Angeles, [b] 1996 Atlanta, [c] 1988 Seoul or [d] 1980 Moscow?
  4. As at April 2024, who was the youngest player to score 10,000 Test match runs, [a] Sachin Tendulkar, [b] Joe Root, [c] Ricky Ponting or [d] Alistair Cook?
  5. What is the highest check-out score in professional darts, [a] 140, [b] 152, [c] 170 or [d] 180?
  6. On how many occasions did Jimmy White lose a World Snooker Championship Final, [a] 4, [b] 6, [c] 8 or [d] 5?
  7. Who is the only male athlete to win gold at both the 200m and 400m athletic events at a single Olympic games, [a] Ed Moses, [b] Frankie Fredericks, [c] Michael Johnson or [d] Jesse Owens?
  8. In which Olympic cycling event do competitors follow a motor bike until the final sprint, [a] Keirin, [b] Madison, [c] Omnium or [d] Team Pursuit?
  9. Which of the following sports have the most players on the pitch at the same time, [a] Lacrosse, [b] Shinty, [c] Aussie Rules Football or [d] Gaelic Football?
  10. As at 2024, which team has appeared in most Super Bowl matches, [a] New England Patriots, [b] Dallas Cowboys, [c] Green Bay Packers or [d] San Francisco 49's?
  11. In the Olympic Medley swimming event, which stroke must be used first, [a] Backstroke, [b] Breast stroke, [c] Butterfly or [d] Front Crawl?
  12. Which horse in 1954 provided Lester Piggott with his first Derby win, [a] St Paddy, [b] Sir Ivor, [c] Nijinsky or [d] Never Say Die?
  13. Who scored England's only try in the World Cup winning final of 2003, [a] Ben Cohen, [b] Jason Robinson, [c] Steve Thompson or [d] Neil Back?
  14. Who in 2018 won two of the four golfing majors, [a] Tiger Woods, [b] Jordan Spieth, [c] Dustin Johnson or [d] Brooks Koepka?
  15. Which Tennis Grand Prix is usually played first in the year [a] Australian Open. [b] French Open, [c] US Open or [d] Wimbledon?
  16. Which of the following sports uses the ball of the smallest diameter, [a] Pool, [b] Squash, [c] Golf or [d] Lacrosse?
  17. Which Olympics saw the introduction of Mountain Biking, [a] 2012 London, [b] 1996 Atlanta, [c] 2016 Rio or [d] 2000 Sydney?
  18. Which of the following teams have competed in the most Formula 1 Grand Prix events, [a] Williams, [b] Red Bull, [c] Ferrari or [d] Mercedes?
  19. Which NBA team won eight consecutive championships from 1959 to 1966, [a] Boston Celtics, [b] Los Angeles Lakers, [c] Chicago Bulls or [d] New York Nicks?
  20. As at 2024, the men's World record for which of the following throwing events is the longest, [a] Shot Put, [b] Javelin, [c] Hammer or [d] Discus?
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