Winter Sports 1

Published: Thursday 13th May 2021A free quiz about all aspects of Winter Sports.
  1. Which is the only nation to have won medals at the Winter Olympics but not at the Summer games?
  2. Which Norwegian figure skater went on to become a Hollywood star?
  3. How many members make up an Olympic curling team?
  4. Which is the only nation to have won gold medals at every Winter Olympics?
  5. Which country was represented by figure skater Katarina Witt?
  6. Which country hosted the first Winter Olympics in 1924?
  7. In which sport do teams compete for the Stanley Cup?
  8. Which US venue has hosted the Winter Olympics on more than one occasion?
  9. What colour is used to indicate a beginners slope in ski-ing?
  10. In which year was Snowboarding officially introduced as a sport at the Winter Olympics?
  11. Which two Canadian cities have hosted the Winter Olympics?
  12. In which event did UK athlete Lizzy Yarnold win back-to-back gold medals in the 2014 & 2018 Olympics?
  13. Which two disciplines are combined in the winter sport of Biathlon?
  14. At what event did Robin Dixon and Tony Nash win gold for Great Britain at the 1964 Winter Olympics?
  15. What nationality was the famous skier Franz Klammer?
  16. In 1972 what became the first Winter Olympics to be held outside Europe or the USA?
  17. The Cresta Run can be found in which Winter sports city?
  18. By what name is British ski jumper Michael Edwards more commonly known?
  19. What is the shortest Olympic speed skating event?
  20. In which Scandinavian country did the sport of ski jumping originate?
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