Women in Sport - 1

Published: Thursday 2nd May 2019A free quiz about famous sporting women.
  1. In which year did the inaugural Women's Cricket World Cup take place?
  2. Winning two Olympic Golds, a World Cup and the Golden Glove in 2011 and 2015, who was the goalkeeper for the USA Women's football team from 2000 to 2016?
  3. Who is the only British woman to have won the French Open tennis single title in the Open era?
  4. Which British athlete has held the World marathon record since 2003?
  5. Which US female has been awarded the World Swimmer of the year title for 5 times out of the last six years?
  6. In which event did Charlotte Dujardin win Olympic gold at both the 2012 and 2016 games?
  7. Who won gold medals in the women's featherweight taekwando class at both the 2012 and 2016 Olympics?
  8. Unbeaten in six Test series, who captained England Women's Cricket team from 1966-1978?
  9. Which team won the Women's FA Cup in 2018?
  10. Who partnered Andy Murray in winning silver at the 2012 Olympic games mixed doubles tennis?
  11. Who is the only British female athlete to have won three Olympic medals in a single games?
  12. Whose husband orchestrated an attack on fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan in 1994?
  13. Which country did gymnast Nellie Kim represent?
  14. Which British woman won the lightweight gold at the 1993 Judo World championship to go alongside her silver from the same event at the 1992 Olympic Games?
  15. With four wins to date which nation has won the gold medal in women's olympic football on the most occasions?
  16. With 24 wins as at 2018, which woman has won the most Grand Slam singles titles in tennis?
  17. Who was the first female athlete to run 100m in under 11seconds in an Olympic games?
  18. Who was the first female swimmer to break 1 minute for the 100m freestyle?
  19. Who, in 1977, became the first female jockey to compete in the Grand National?
  20. In which year did the inaugural Women's British Open golf championship take place?
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