Women in Sport 3

Published: Friday 20th March 2020A free quiz about sporting women all over the world.
  1. With six wins to 2017, which country has won the most Women's Cricket World Cups?
  2. Who in 1975 became the first woman to score points at a Formula 1 Grand Prix?
  3. Which country hosted the first FIFA Women's World Cup in 1991?
  4. Which player has won the women's singles at the French Open tennis championship the most times?
  5. Whose World Records for 100m and 200m set in 1988 still stand today (March 2020)?
  6. Which Welsh cyclist won Britain's first Gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics?
  7. Which team won the Women's FA cup eight times in the first eleven years of the competition?
  8. Which TV presenter and commentator won silver in the 400m medley in the 1980 Olympics?
  9. Who was the first British female gymnast to win an individual Olympic medal?
  10. Who was the first female cricket player to have scored 1000 runs, take 50 wickets and 50 catches in one day internationals?
  11. Who won the gold medal in the women's tennis singles at the 2016 Olympics?
  12. How old was Beverly Klass in 1967 when she became the youngest to play in the US Women's Open golf championship?
  13. Who is the only woman in tennis' Open era to have completed a Grand Slam in one year by winning all four Major singles titles?
  14. In which event was Fatima Whitbread a World champion?
  15. Who, in 2010, became the first British gold medalist at a Winter Olympics for thirty years?
  16. Who did Germany defeat in the final to win the 2016 Olympic gold in women's football?
  17. Which female Eventing star was voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1971?
  18. In which Olympic games did Mary Decker and Zola Budd collide in the 3000m?
  19. Jamie Murray won the US Open Mixed Doubles in both 2017 and 2018 with two different partners, can you name them?
  20. In which year was the FA ban on women playing football on Football League grounds lifted?
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