Women in Sport 4

Published: Friday 5th June 2020A free quiz about famous sporting women.
  1. Who did England beat in the final of the 2017 Women's Cricket World Cup?
  2. At which Olympics did Kelly Holmes win gold at both the 800m and 1500m?
  3. Which British player stopped Billie Jean King from a clean sweep of Women's Singles titles in 1972 by winning the Australian Open?
  4. Who in 1997 became the youngest ever female to win the World Figure Skating title?
  5. In which year was women's football introduced to the Olympic Games?
  6. Who, in 1982, became the first female jockey to complete the Grand National?
  7. Who partnered Jamie Murray to win the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles in 2017?
  8. Which female Eventing star was voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2006 following her mother's award in 1971?
  9. Which female cyclist won gold for the Keirin in 2012 and the sprint in 2008 Olympics?
  10. Which former Norwegian ice-skater went on to star in a number of Hollywood box-office hits such as Thin Ice (1937) and Second Fiddle (1939)?
  11. Which country hosted the 2015 FIFA Women's World cup?
  12. Which gymnast was nicknamed the "Sparrow from Minsk" after winning three gold medals at the 1972 Olympics?
  13. Who is the only British female athlete to have competed at six Olympic Games?
  14. With victories in 1994, 1998 and 2008, who is the only three time winner of golf's Evian Championship?
  15. Who defeated Serena Williams in the final to win the 2018 US Open women's single title?
  16. At which weight did Nicola Adams win boxing gold at both the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games?
  17. Often considered one of the greatest figure skaters of all time how many times did Michelle Kwan win the World Figure Skating Championship?
  18. Which 400m athlete lit the flame at the 2000 Summer Olympics?
  19. Which team pushed the GB Women's Eight into second place at the 2016 Olympic rowing finals?
  20. At which swimming events did Rebecca Adlington win gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics?
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