World of Sports 3

Published: Friday 2nd September 2016
  1. In which Australian city would you find the WACA cricket ground?
  2. Who was the first British winner of the US Masters Golf Championship?
  3. In which sport might you see a salchow or an axel?
  4. What does the motor racing acronym NASCAR stand for?
  5. In which year was the first Rugby Union World Cup played?
  6. Which US football team did Steven Gerrard join in 2015?
  7. Which country won the ICC World Twenty 20 in 2010?
  8. How many points are awarded for a safety in American Football?
  9. On which make of bike did Kenny Roberts win his 1978 500cc motorcycle world championship?
  10. Which sport played in the Basque region of France and Spain is said to be the fastest in the World?
  11. Which actor owns a 50% stake in rugby league side South Sydney Rabbitohs?
  12. In which country did Taekwondo originate?
  13. What nationality was golfer Vijay Singh?
  14. Which sport originated with the Iroquois Indians in the North East of the USA?
  15. What were the real first names of baseball star Babe Ruth?
  16. In which year was ice hockey's NHL founded?
  17. How high is a basketball net?
  18. What colour flag in Formula One indicates a driver disqualification?
  19. Which tennis player was stabbed in Hamburg in 1993?
  20. In which sport was Ramy Ashour from Egypt the 2014 World Champion?
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