World of Sports - 4

Published: Saturday 1st April 2017
  1. In which sport is the Sam Maguire Cup awarded?
  2. Who was the first Australian to win the US Open golf championship?
  3. Who won the European Ladies Figure Skating championships every year from 1983 to 1988?
  4. How many players are there in Women's lacrosse team?
  5. Which country won the inaugural Rugby Union World Cup ?
  6. What is the Spanish equivalent of the English Premier Football League?
  7. Who was the first cricketer to make 100 test appearances?
  8. What sport is added to a triathlon to make a quadrathlon?
  9. Which position in netball is allowed all over the court except the goal circles?
  10. How many points are awarded for a goal in Aussie Rules Football?
  11. Who defeated St Helens to become the 2015 World Club series champions in Rugby League?
  12. Which martial art translates loosely as "The way of the and and foot"?
  13. How many players are there in an Olympic handball team?
  14. In which US State is Watkins Glen International motor racing track?
  15. A professional baseball game is played over how many innings?
  16. Who were the 2015 Stanley Cup winners?
  17. In the NBA how long does each quarter last?
  18. The winner of which event is awarded the Borg-Warner Trophy?
  19. How many players make up a beach volleyball team?
  20. Who won the 400m freestyle swimming gold at the 1924 Olympics and then went on to play Tarzan in 12 movies?
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