World of Sports - 5

Published: Sunday 6th August 2017
  1. In which year was the first Super Bowl played?
  2. What shape is an Aussie Rules football pitch?
  3. Baseball was last played at the Olympics in 2008, who were the gold medal winners?
  4. Which country did NBA superstar Luol Deng represent at the 2012 Olympics?
  5. In which city is test cricket played at Newlands?
  6. How many players are there in a Gaelic Football team?
  7. In which year was the Ryder Cup first played in Wales?
  8. Which country won the Women's Handball gold at both the 2008 and 2012 Olympics?
  9. What is the name of the NHL team based in Tampa Bay?
  10. What nationality was the ice-skater Ulrich Salchow after whom the figure skating jump was named?
  11. Who was the first Formula One World Champion?
  12. Which country won the first Netball World Championship in 1963?
  13. Rugby Union teams in which country compete for the Currie Cup?
  14. How old was US swimmer Katie Ledecky when she won gold at the 2012 Olympic games?
  15. What is the perfect score in a game of ten pin bowling?
  16. In which country is an annual wife carrying contest held each July?
  17. Played throughout South East Asia what is used to get the ball over the net in Sepak Takran?
  18. Who is the only person to have been World Champion in both motorcycling and Grand Prix car racing?
  19. Who were crowned Rugby League World Champions in 2013?
  20. Who in 1995 became the first Canadian to win the Indianapolis 500?
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