Oscar Quiz 1

Published: Thursday 28th January 2010The 82nd Academy Awards, "The Oscars", take place on March 7th 2010. Here's a quiz to check your knowledge of previous winners and awards.
  1. When was the first Oscars awards ceremony held?
  2. Which was the first Oscars award show to be broadcast live on television?
  3. Which was the first Oscars award show to be televised in colour?
  4. Two films have been nominated for 14 Oscar awards (in 1950 & 1997), can you name the films?
  5. There have been five occasions where there has been a tie in the voting for an Oscar winner. In 1968 two actresses tied for the Best Actress award, who were they and what were the names of the films concerned?
  6. Who has been nominated for Oscar acting awards (either best actor/ress or supporting actor/ress) on most occasions? How many times up to 2009 has it been and how many were won?
  7. Who are the oldest actor and actress to win an Oscar acting award, and for what films?
  8. Who are the youngest actor and actress to win an Oscar acting award, and for what films?
  9. Which film has won the most Oscars without winning the Best Film award?
  10. How many "Best Director" Oscar awards have the following directors won,(i)Alfred Hitchcock, (ii)Federico Fellini, (iii) Robert Altman, (iv) Stanley Kubrick and (v) King Vidor
  11. Only seven films have won both Best Actor and Best Actress Oscar awards. Can you name them?
  12. In 1935 one film had three Oscar nominations in the Best Actor category but didn't win it. Name the film, the nominees and the eventual winner.
  13. Who predicted in his 1981 Oscar acceptance speech that "The British are coming"?
  14. What has been the only "X" rated film to have won the Best Film Oscar award?
  15. Who has been the most Oscar nominated actor (best actor or supporting actor) to date, and how many awards has he won?
  16. The films of which director has collected the most acting Oscars?
  17. Two actresses have won Best actress Oscar awards for portraying country music stars, who were the actresses and in which films?
  18. Name the two trilogies that have received a Best Picture Oscar nomination for each of the three parts.
  19. Two actresses were nominated for Oscar awards in five consecutive years. Who were they and what were the films?
  20. Who to date has been the only Oscar to win an Oscar?
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