Bond Films 1

Published: Wednesday 17th March 2010
  1. What was the first "official" Bond film in 1962?
  2. Which actor played James Bond in the first five films?
  3. Who wrote the books that the James Bond films are based on?
  4. Who composed the score on 11 Bond films?
  5. Who produced the official Bond films until his death in 1996?
  6. With seven Bond films to his credit, who has played the secret agent more than any other?
  7. Timothy Dalton made two Bond films in the main role in 1987 and 1989, what were their titles?
  8. Who is the current James Bond expecting to film the next movie in late 2010?
  9. Which character provides Bond with his gadgets?
  10. What is the name of the CIA agent who often works alongside 007?
  11. Which artist has sung three Bond themes?
  12. Which Bond film shared its name with the author's residence in Jamaica?
  13. What was the last Bond film made starring Pierce Brosnan?
  14. Who has played the role of 'M' in the last 6 Bond films?
  15. In which Bond film did Honor Blackman appear as Pussy Galore?
  16. Which two Bond films featured the henchman 'Jaws'?
  17. Which actor has appeared in most James Bond films?
  18. What is 007's favourite tipple?
  19. Which Bond film is predominantly set in India?
  20. "Never Say Never Again", an unofficial Sean Connery Bond film was a remake of which previously made film?
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