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Published: Sunday 5th September 2010
  1. What was the first Australian soap to be shown on British TV?
  2. Which future pop star played Beth Brennan in Neighbours?
  3. Which was the first British soap to feature a test-tube baby?
  4. Which character was found dead in the first episode of Eastenders?
  5. In Coronation Street, who rescued Bet Lynch when the Rover's Return caught fire?
  6. Which family moved into 13, Coronation Street in 1964?
  7. Who played Lofty in Eastenders?
  8. Which British soap was set in Glendarrock?
  9. Which Coronation Street character was killed on Blackpool sea front in 1989?
  10. In Eastenders which character won £10,000 at bingo?
  11. Who played Meg Mortimer in Crossroads?
  12. What three surnames did the character played by Joan Collins in Dynasty have?
  13. In Eastenders who spent four months in jail after a road accident on Christmas Eve 1992?
  14. Who opened the Old School Tearooms in Emmerdale with money from her divorce settlement?
  15. Who did Gail Lewis marry in Neighbours?
  16. What was the name of the restaurant run by the Di Marco family in Eastenders?
  17. Who did Emily Bishop take in as a lodger in November 1983?
  18. What was the name of the baby that Pam and Bobby Ewing adopted in Dallas?
  19. What was Lofty's real name in Eastenders?
  20. In which 1960s British soap did Jenny Agutter play Kirsty Kerr?
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