Carry-On Films

Published: Wednesday 1st December 2010
  1. What was the title of the first Carry On film, released in 1958?
  2. Which film in the Carry On series was the last to feature Charles Hawtrey?
  3. Which actor appeared in more of the Carry On series than any other?
  4. Which was the first "Carry On" to be made in colour?
  5. Which American comic was featured heavily in Carry On....Follow That Camel?
  6. Who played the character "The Rumpo Kid" in Carry On Cowboy?
  7. On what fictional island was the Palace Hotel in Carry On Abroad?
  8. Who played the title role in Carry On Cleo?
  9. Barbara Windsor appeared in a total of 10 Carry Ons, but in which did she make her debut?
  10. What was the name of the cruise ship in Carry On Cruising?
  11. Some scenes in Carry On Up the Khyber were filmed on location, where in the UK became the North-West of India?
  12. Which was the last film in the Carry On series to feature Sid James?
  13. Who were the producer and director of the Carry On film series?
  14. The third film in the Carry On series [Carry On Teacher], starred a well known TV & radio comic as headmaster William Wakefield. Who was it?
  15. Which TWO Carry On films in the series did not originally have "Carry On" in their titles?
  16. Which Doctor Who appeared in Carry On Screaming?
  17. Terry Scott appeared in the first of the Carry On series but was not seen again until number 16 in the series, which film was this?
  18. Who famously loses her bikini top in Carry On Camping?
  19. How many of the Carry On series are set in hospitals?
  20. Although there has been much talk about new films in the series, the last film was released in 1992. What was its title?
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