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Published: Tuesday 10th May 2011
  1. First broadcast on BBC in 1951, which show had a panel that included Gilbert Harding and lady Isabel Barnett?
  2. Who was the original presenter of "Take Your Pick" in 1955?
  3. What was the maximum prize in "Double Your Money" from 1955 to 1968?
  4. What was the quiz on the children's programme "Cracker-jack", where wrong answers were rewarded with cabbages called?
  5. Who was the original presenter of "University Challenge"?
  6. Who loaded the cross bows in "The Golden Shot"?
  7. On which show did Simon Cowell make his TV debut?
  8. Which show featured Dusty Bin?
  9. Combining quiz, puzzle solving and physical challenges, what was the name of the show originally presented by Gordon Burns?
  10. What was the name of the quiz show based on Noughts and Crosses?
  11. Who was the first "Sky-runner" in "Treasure Hunt"?
  12. Which game show launched Channel 4 in 1982?
  13. "Can I have a 'P' please Bob" would be heard on which TV quiz show?
  14. Bob Monkhouse presented "Family Fortunes" from 1980-83 and Les Dennis presented from 1987-2002. Who was the presenter between 1983 and 1985?
  15. In which Channel 4 show did contestants choose "Question or Nominate"?
  16. Who were the THREE presenters of "Blankety-Blank"?
  17. Who were the team captains on "Give Us a Clue"?
  18. Who was the original presenter of "A Question of Sport" on national TV?
  19. And who were the original team captains on TV's "A Question of Sport"?
  20. How many letters are there in the "Countdown" conundrum?
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