Doctor Who 1

Published: Tuesday 7th June 2011
  1. Which event took place the day before the first episode of Doctor Who was broadcast?
  2. What was the title of the first episode of Doctor Who?
  3. Who played the original Doctor in Doctor Who?
  4. In Doctor Who, what relationship did Susan, his first companion, have with the Doctor?
  5. Which creatures were introduced in Doctor Who in December 1963 becoming the Doctor's greatest enemies?
  6. In Doctor Who, from which planet does the Doctor come?
  7. Which other time lord features regularly in Doctor Who?
  8. What does TARDIS stand for?
  9. Which robotic creatures made their debut in the Doctor Who episode entitled "The Tenth Planet" in 1966?
  10. Who in 1966 became the SECOND Doctor in Doctor Who?
  11. In Doctor Who, how many times can a time lord regenerate?
  12. In Doctor Who, which Blue Peter presenter was a companion of the Doctors in season 2 and 3?
  13. Who created the Daleks?
  14. Who took over as Doctor Who's THIRD Doctor in 1970?
  15. In Doctor Who, why was the Doctor exiled to Earth at this time?
  16. In Doctor Who, as a result of a medical examination what unusual fact about the Doctor's anatomy was discovered?
  17. In Doctor Who, what does UNIT stand for?
  18. Which legendary time lord forced the alliance of the first THREE Doctors at the beginning of Season Ten of Doctor Who?
  19. What reward did the time lords give the Doctor for saving his home in Doctor Who?
  20. Who in 1974 became the FOURTH Doctor in Doctor Who?
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