The Films of Alfred Hitchcock

Published: Wednesday 6th July 2011
  1. Which film released in 1927 became Hitchcock's first commercial success?
  2. Which Hitchcock film made in 1929 is often citied as being the first British feature with sound?
  3. Which Hitchcock film won the Oscar for Best Film in 1940?
  4. Which producer persuaded Hitchcock to move to the USA?
  5. Hitchcock never received the Oscar for Best Director, but how many times was he nominated?
  6. What was the title of Hitchcock's final film made in 1976?
  7. What was the first Hitchcock film to be made in colour?
  8. Who starred as Marion Crane in the 1960 Hitchcock movie "Psycho"?
  9. Who stars as an injured photographer who believes he witnesses a murder in Hitchcock's "Rear Window?
  10. Which James Bond actor stars in the 1964 Hitchcock film "Marnie"?
  11. Hitchcock often featured famous landmarks in the climax of his films, which landmarks were featured in the following, [a] "Blackmail" , [b] "Saboteur" and [c] "North by Northwest"
  12. Who wrote the short story that Hitchcock's "The Birds" was based?
  13. Which Hitchcock film of 1935 was remade by the director in 1956?
  14. Who starred opposite Cary Grant in Hitchcock's "To Catch a Thief"?
  15. What award did Hitchcock receive from the Queen in the 1980 New Year's Honours?
  16. Who played the title role in the 1940 Hitchcock film "Rebecca"?
  17. What was the only film that Hitchcock made with Marlene Dietrich?
  18. Name the FOUR films made by Hitchcock starring Cary Grant
  19. What was the title of Hitchcock's TV series?
  20. In which year did Hitchcock die?
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