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Published: Sunday 4th December 2011
  1. Who was the creator of "Coronation Street"?
  2. What was Coronation Street originally to be called?
  3. What was Valerie Barlows maiden name in Coronation Street?
  4. Who did Deirdre defeat by seven votes to become a Weatherfield councillor in 1987 in Coronation Street?
  5. What was Fiona Middletons occupation in Coronation Street?
  6. Who referred to Derek Wilton as "Dirk" in Coronation Street?
  7. In Coronation Street, where did Hayley go to work as a volunteer in 2007?
  8. What is the name of the taxi firm in Coronation Street?
  9. Which star of Coronation Street was the first soap actress to have a top 20 hit?
  10. What were the names of Deirdres THREE husbands in Coronation Street?
  11. Who was the first character to die in "Coronation Street"?
  12. Which Coronation Street character was played by Arthur Lowe?
  13. What was Mike Baldwins middle name in Coronation Street?
  14. What was the name of Jack and Vera Duckworths tearaway son in Coronation Street?
  15. How many children did Gail Platt have in Coronation Street?
  16. Who were the landlords of The Rovers Return when Coronation Street started?
  17. Who returned to Coronation Street in 2011 after an absence of 43 years?
  18. Who were the THREE elderly women who frequented the snug of The Rovers in the early years of Coronation Street?
  19. What was Gail Platts maiden name in Coronation Street?
  20. Which character is played by Craig Charles in Coronation Street?
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