The Oscars 2

Published: Friday 24th February 2012
  1. For which 1979 film did Peter Sellars receive a Best Actor Oscar nomination?
  2. Which was the last western to receive the Best Film Oscar?
  3. Who won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1998 despite only being on the screen for a total of EIGHT minutes?
  4. Who was nominated for Producer, Director, Best Actor and Writer for the same movie?
  5. For which film did Dame Peggy Ashcroft receive an Oscar?
  6. Who was the youngest ever Oscar nominee for the Best Director award?
  7. Who won the first posthumous Best Actor Oscar Award?
  8. Who won the Best Supporting actress Oscar award for her part in the 1990 film "Ghost"?
  9. Which 1959 epic movie gained ELEVEN Oscars?
  10. Which director has won the most Best Director Oscar awards?
  11. Which was the first movie in colour to win the Best Film Oscar?
  12. Which TWO film trilogies have been nominated for Best Film Oscar for each of the parts?
  13. Up to 2012 which are the only TWO actors to have received the Best Actor Oscar award for films that they also directed?
  14. Which TWO actresses received Oscar nominations in 1999 for playing the part of Queen Elizabeth I, although in different films?
  15. In 2004 who became the first African to win an Oscar in a major acting category?
  16. Which is the longest film to be awarded an Oscar?
  17. Who is the only actor to be Oscar nominated TWICE posthumously for Best Actor?
  18. Who is the only person to win an Oscar, a Tony and an Emmy in the same year?
  19. Which TWO films were nominated for ELEVEN Oscar awards each but failed to gain ONE?
  20. Which THREE animated films have been nominated for the Best Picture Oscar?
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