Strictly Come Dancing 1

Published: Wednesday 18th September 2013
  1. In which year was the first series of Strictly Come Dancing aired on BBC TV?
  2. Who was the first celebrity to be eliminated from the first series of the show?
  3. Who was the professional partner of Natasha Kaplinsky when she won the first series of the show?
  4. How many couples made up series two of Strictly Come Dancing?
  5. Which athlete came second in this second series?
  6. Anton du Beke finished in his highest position to date in series one, where he finished in third place. Who was his celebrity partner?
  7. Which cricket player won the third season of the show?
  8. Who were the FOUR judges throughout series three?
  9. Who scored 39 points for his quickstep in series 3?
  10. Who withdrew from series 4 due to health problems?
  11. Who scored a maximum 40 points for their salsa in series four?
  12. Who came second to Mark and Karen in series four?
  13. Despite winning the fourth series, Karen Hardy was eliminated in week one of the fifth series. Who was her celebrity partner?
  14. Who was the celebrity winning of Series 5?
  15. Who withdrew from the sixth series of the show in week ten, when despite consistently getting low marks from the judges was saved each week by the public, and he thought he might win?
  16. Who were the eventual winners of this sixth series?
  17. Who did Chris Hollins partner in winning the seventh series?
  18. Which tennis player was eliminated during week one of series seven?
  19. Who is presenter Tess Daly's celebrity husband?
  20. Which country in October 2004 became the first to use the Strictly Come Dancing format?
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