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Published: Sunday 20th April 2014
  1. In which city was Charlie Chaplin born in April 1889?
  2. Under what stage name did Chaplin's mother briefly perform?
  3. What type of dancing was performed by the Eight Lancashire Lads, a troupe Chaplin joined before he was twelve?
  4. Which US studio signed Chaplin on a $150 per week contract in 1913?
  5. In which movie did "The Tramp" character first make an appearance?
  6. Which studio did Chaplin join in 1915 after Mack Sennett refused his wage demands?
  7. Which actress did Chaplin meet in 1914 that went on to appear in 35 of his films?
  8. How did Chaplin's character win his first fight in the 1915 movie "The Champ"?
  9. Who joined with Chaplin in 1919 to form United Artists?
  10. Who starred alongside Chaplin in the 1921 classic "The Kid"?
  11. Released in August 1925, which movie famously contained the scene of Chaplin eating his own shoe?
  12. Which 1930 silent movie was heralded by the British Film Institute as being Chaplin's finest accomplishment?
  13. Which film by Chaplin satirises Hitler and the Fascist state?
  14. Who was Chaplin's female star in the 1952 movie "Limelight"?
  15. When was the 1957 movie "A King in New York" first screened in the USA?
  16. In which year was Chaplin knighted?
  17. From which movie does the Chaplin penned song "This is my Song" come?
  18. Who directed the 1992 biopic "Chaplin"?
  19. How many Academy Awards was the movie "The Great Dictator" nominated for?
  20. In which country was Chaplin buried?
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