Charlie Chaplin 2

Published: Saturday 7th March 2015
  1. What was Charlie Chaplin's middle name?
  2. Which vaudeville group did Chaplin join in 1908?
  3. What was the title of Chaplin's first film released in 1914?
  4. Which film, released in May 1914 gave Chaplin his directorial debut?
  5. What was the apt title of Chaplin's first film for the Essanay studios in 1915?
  6. In his year at Essanay how many films did Chaplin make?
  7. Who was Chaplin's leading lady in the 1925 classic "The Gold Rush"?
  8. Who starred alongside Chaplin in "Modern Times"?
  9. Which was Chaplin's first true talking movie?
  10. Oona, Chaplin's fourth wife was the daughter of which famous American playwright?
  11. Where did Chaplin settle after effectively being prevented from re-entering the USA?
  12. Who were the stars of the Chaplin directed movie "A Countess from Hong Kong"?
  13. How old was Chaplin when he died in 1977?
  14. Composed originally for "Modern Times" in 1936 what song became a chart hit for Nat King Cole in 1954?
  15. Where in London would you find a statue of Chaplin in his tramp persona?
  16. Who starred in the title role of the 1992 biopic "Chaplin"?
  17. What happened to Chaplin's grave in March 1978?
  18. How many times did Chaplin marry?
  19. Which silent movie star featured alongside Chaplin in "Limelight"?
  20. Which famous author once said that Chaplin was "The only genius to come out of the movie industry"?
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