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Published: Friday 15th May 2020A free quiz abut the movies and characters in Disney animations.
  1. Released in 1937, what was the first full length animated movie produced by Disney?
  2. In which Disney movie did the Oscar winning song "Under the Sea" feature?
  3. Which Disney animation from 1997 features the son of Zeus as the title character?
  4. The princess Tiana features in which 2009 Disney animation?
  5. Which pop star wrote the songs for Disney's 1999 movie "Tarzan"?
  6. What type of animal was Sven in Disney's "Frozen"?
  7. What was the name of Bambi's rabbit friend in the Disney movie?
  8. Who voiced the role of the Genie in the 1992 Disney animation "Aladdin"?
  9. The Oscar winning song "Colors of the Wind" features in which Disney classic?
  10. Which 2002 Disney movie was based on a book by Robert Louis Stevenson?
  11. Which Disney animation features the swash-buckling thief Flynn Rider?
  12. What were the names of the three good fairies in the 1959 Disney movie "Sleeping Beauty"?
  13. Where was the setting for the 2002 Disney animation "Lilo and Stitch"?
  14. What city is the futuristic setting of Disney's "Big Hero 6"?
  15. In Disney's "The Lion King" what was the name of Simba's father?
  16. The song "The Bare Necessities" originates from which Disney movie?
  17. What baby animal does Moana rescue as a child in the Disney movie?
  18. In which country is the movie "Mulan" set?
  19. Which 2018 animation was a sequel to 2012" "Wreck-It Ralph"?
  20. Which 1988 Disney animation features a orphan cat and is based on a Charles Dickens classic?
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