Films of the 1980s - 6

Published: Friday 5th June 2020A free quiz about the films of the 1980s.
  1. Which Bond actor starred as Prince Barin in the 1980 cult classic "Flash Gordon"?
  2. Which veteran Hollywood actor voiced the part of Tod, the fox in Disney's "The Fox and the Hound"?
  3. Which then married couple were the stars of 1986's "Shanghai Surprise"?
  4. Who wrote and directed the 1989 Oscar winning movie "Do the Right Thing"?
  5. Who starred in the 1988 movie "Cocktail"?
  6. Which former Monty Python wrote and directed 1985's "Brazil"?
  7. Which movie of 1981 gave Meryl Streep her first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress?
  8. In which city was "Death Wish II" set?
  9. Which British punk band starred in "The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle"?
  10. What was the title of the first in Oliver Stone's Vietnam War trilogy released in 1986?
  11. For which movie did Jessica Tandy become the oldest actress to win the Best Actress Oscar?
  12. Which 1988 Tim Burton film starred Michael Keaton as a ghost?
  13. What was the title of the 1987 bio-pic of rock and roll star Ritchie Valens?
  14. Which 1985 horror movie was the last in George Romero's Dead series?
  15. What was the the title of Prince's firat feature film released in 1984?
  16. Who played the part of Eliot, the boy who befriends ET in the 1982 movie?
  17. According to the movie "Gremlins", what shouldn't you do to a Mogwai after midnight?
  18. Which 1987 movie starring Michael Caine was the last in the Jaws franchise?
  19. What was the name of the family featured in "National Lampoon's Vacation" movies?
  20. In which 1983 movie does David Bowie play a prisoner in a Japanese prisoner of war camp?
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