Films of the 1990s -3

Published: Monday 10th April 2017
  1. Who played the role of John Hammond, creator of Jurassic Park in the 1992 movie?
  2. Who played the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in the 1991 movie "JFK"?
  3. Which two movies both released in 1992 were based on John Grisham novels?
  4. For which 1996 movie did Frances McDormand win her Best Actress Oscar?
  5. Who starred as Harry Stamper in 1998's "Armageddon"?
  6. In which airport is the 1990 movie "Die Hard 2" set?
  7. In which Disney movie does the song "A Whole New World" feature?
  8. Who directed the 1994 cult classic "Pulp Fiction"?
  9. Who played Queen Victoria in 1997's "Mrs Brown"?
  10. Who plays Count Dracula in 1992's "Bram Stoker's Dracula"?
  11. For which 1998 movie did James Coburn win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar?
  12. What in 1995 became the first feature length computer animated movie to be released?
  13. For which movie did Michael Caine win his second Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor?
  14. Who portrayed Captain John Smith in the 1997 blockbuster "Titanic"?
  15. Who directed the 1991 film "Terminator 2"?
  16. Which villain is played by Jim Carey in the 1995 film "Batman Forever"?
  17. Who played the medium Oda Mae Brown in 1990's "Ghost"?
  18. What are the names of the warthog and meerkat that feature in "The Lion King"?
  19. Who starred as Obi-Wan Kenobi in "Star Wars - Episode 1"?
  20. What is the name of the character played by Tom Cruise in the "Mission Impossible" series of films?
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