Movies of the 1980s - 3

Published: Thursday 12th May 2016
  1. The 1980 bio-pic "The Coal Miner's Daughter" related the life story of which country music legend?
  2. Who was the female star of the 1987 blockbuster "Dirty Dancing"?
  3. Which former "Happy Days" actor directed the 1984 comedy "Splash"?
  4. Which Greek philosopher do Bill and Ted befriend in their 1989 Excellent Adventure?
  5. Which 1988 Tom Hanks movie told the tale of a 12 year old in an adult body?
  6. Which sport is featured in the 1986 movie "The Color of Money"?
  7. Which actor won the Best Director academy Award for his debut "Ordinary People"?
  8. Which ex-Beatle starred in the 1981 comedy "Caveman"?
  9. For which movie was Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" used as the theme?
  10. What was Christine in the title of the 1983 John Carpenter movie?
  11. Which 1984 movie about a classical composer won the Best Movie Oscar?
  12. Which country was the principle setting for the movie "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"?
  13. Which 1985 comedy gave Madonna her first major movie appearance?
  14. Who starred as Mick "Crocodile" Dundee in the 1986 movie?
  15. Which British Knight won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in the comedy "Arthur"?
  16. Which comedy star made his screen debut in the 1982 movie "48 Hours"?
  17. Which Bond film of 1985 was the last to star Roger Moore in the main role?
  18. Which 1987 movie charts the life of black activist Steve Biko in South Africa?
  19. Who was the male star of 1984's "Footloose"?
  20. Which Australian actress made an early starring role in the 1983 movie "BMX Bandits"?
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