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Published: Saturday 3rd September 2022A free quiz about quiz and game shows on British TV
  1. Which show was introduced each week as "And now from Norwich, it's the quiz of the week"?
  2. Who hosts and created the BBC gameshow "The Wheel"?
  3. By what nickname is TV Chaser Darragh Ennis known by?
  4. Which four members of the Royal Family captained teams in "It's a Royal Knockout"?
  5. Who presents the ITV quiz show "Tipping Point"?
  6. Which of the co-presenters of "Taskmaster" actually created the show?
  7. In the final round of "Who Dares Wins", how many correct answers must a team give to win the top prize of �50,000?
  8. Who became the host of "Supermarket Sweep" when it was revived in 2019?
  9. In which gameshow could contestants win "Brad's Box" from compere Bradley Walsh?
  10. Who in 1963 became the first winners of "University Challenge"?
  11. Who were the original team captains on BBC's "A Question of Sport"?
  12. What "dance" was performed by the audience at the end of "Blockbusters"?
  13. In which South American country was TV's "Total Wipeout" filmed?
  14. Commencing in 2022, what was the name of the show where 100 contestants are reduced to 1 by a series of IQ test questions?
  15. In which game show did host Roy Walker often say "It's good, but it's not right"?
  16. Who co-hosted "The Generation Game" alongside Larry Grayson?
  17. Which rugby player hosted ITV's short-lived quiz show "The Fuse"?
  18. Who hosted the ITV tea time quiz "Golden Balls"?
  19. Which quiz show uses Egyptian hieroglyphs to identify questions?
  20. Which Des replaced Richard Whiteley as the host of "Countdown"?
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