Odd One Out

Here the teams are given a choice of four items [people, places or words] and must choose the Odd One Out. You should make it clear that the Quiz master has the definitive answers as there could be several different explanations in some cases.

Here’s one that I have used together with MY logic:

Odd One Out   (Odd One Out – Answers)   (Explanations)


  1. Helen K says:

    Love this odd one out round – so so good

  2. John says:

    Great site, many thanks. Do quizzes for camping rallies and very hard to find Google proof ones so some good ones here. Thanks.

  3. Helen Graham says:

    Hi Ken – Love your site. It has helped me out not end of times!
    Odd One Out Question 24 – As far as I am aware all four are Greek Gods! – Apollo is definitely not Roman! How about Mars, Mercury or Neptune.


    • KensQuiz says:

      Hi Helen, Thanks for your comment. Apollo is quite rightly a Greek god but he is a Roman deity also. Probably a bad question so you would be right to change it.

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