Opening Lines of Songs

In this quiz the first lines of famous songs are given with the aim of solving the title. Here are a couple of examples, the first are all UK number ones with the second being favourite songs from the 1960s. The lyrics are easy to find on the internet.

Number One Opening Lines (Number One Opening Lines -Answers)

Sixties Opening Lines      (Sixties Opening Lines – Answers)


  1. Gary Andrews says:

    Well done Ken? A brilliant site as Sarah Davis save me hours.

  2. Heather Silverwood says:

    Can anyone tell me how I can trace the full words and music of several songs learned at Dalkeith High primary school in Scotland in the mid1950s? They were printed in books which were handed to each pupil. Some were Scottish, others English. One had the first line Oh, it stood in the valley beside the old mill, That little thatched cottage I think of it still…..

    • Josephine O'Neill says:

      Hello there

      How lovely to think that someone else remembers this song. It was the first ‘real’ song we were taught at school, St Andrews Dumfries. We had a wonderful singing teacher, Marie Keiller, and I can still sing the first two verses with all the expression she taught us. I think there might have been a third verse too.

      • Normalena says:

        It’s lovely tbat this lovely wee song is remembered by others. My mum taught me 3 verses. The song must go back a long time as she was taught it at school in Dunfermline about 1925? Does anyone know tbe title?

  3. Pam says:

    I run a group for men over 60. They love these quizzes, and I find thwm so easily accessed.Thank you sooo much.

  4. SARAH DAVIS says:

    Fabulous, you’ve saved me hours!

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