Easier General Knowledge 158

Published: Wednesday 17th April 2024A free general knowledge quiz for those who don't like their quizzes too difficult.
  1. Who in 2000 became the youngest player to win golf's "Grand Slam"?
  2. In which English County would you find the towns of Grimsby, Scunthorpe & Skegness?
  3. What is contained in a black fire extinguisher?
  4. In which year of the Nineties did the sit-com "Friends" make its TV debut?
  5. In which part of a plant does photosynthesis take place?
  6. What is the key ingredient of a Mornay sauce?
  7. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh died in which year?
  8. In which sport is it possible to win by a canvas?
  9. What word links an ice cream holder and a brass instrument?
  10. How many stomachs does a ruminant have?
  11. What was the title of Stephen King's first novel?
  12. Who was the third person on the Apollo 11 mission with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin?
  13. What is the longest nerve in the human body?
  14. Which European country shares a land border with nine other countries?
  15. In "The Lord of the Rings" what relation is Frodo to Bilbo?
  16. How many tiles does each player start with in a game of Scrabble?
  17. What two colours are mixed to make green?
  18. In transport, what do the letters GWR stand for?
  19. Sheena Easton sang the theme song for which James Bond film?
  20. In which country does the River Rhine meet the sea?
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