There are many other types of table-top rounds and sometimes the inspiration comes at different times. Below are some the ideas that I have successfully used, they are all available in pdf form to download and use as you like.Please check them before use as some of the answers may be out of date.

I would love to hear from any readers that have tried others as this is always an area that new ideas are welcomed.



  1. Rosie says:

    Do u have any multiple choice questions?

  2. Elsie Johnston says:

    Hi Ken

    I have a copy of Tourist Attractions in England & Wales for a table top quiz but I don’t have the answer sheet!!
    can you help?

  3. Bob walsh says:

    Hi ken, I would like something like I.e what amoun of men when asked break the speed limit…was it 48% or 62%. It’s that choice after I am looking for with
    Cheers Bob

  4. Dave Henderson says:

    Hi Ken

    I put on a quiz once a month at my local club and your site has been very helpful indeed. Do you have any Connection rounds available.

    Many thanks

  5. Jules says:

    Ken. What a wonderful facility – thank you. Are you doing anything for the Queen’s 90th birthday? Hopefully, Jules

  6. Anne says:

    Fantastic site! Absolutely love the variety and many family hours spent challenging each other. A very big thank you – the time you spend in making it possible is very much appreciated!

  7. Maureen Reinwald says:

    hi, thanks for this great site. I’ve used it a few times for our ladies social charity nights, and been inspired to create own quizzes eg
    USA places where all the questions where song titles, film names etc with US states as the answer.

  8. Susan Dunn says:

    Hi Do you by any chance have a car quiz on your list of Quizes? Brilliant quizzes by the way, I’ve used a few of them for different occasions. Susan

  9. Mark Airey says:

    Hi Ken

    Your site is fantastic and I have used lots from your site. Any chance of some more table top quizzes?

  10. Carole Davidson says:

    Thanks i use your quizzes for social evenings at church and also for family gatherings they are fab .I would love to see a quiz about english flowers great fun thanks

  11. Diane Nancaarrow says:

    Excellent quiz site. Do you have a dingbats quiz relating to Easter?

  12. chris says:

    Hi Ken the missing vowel section for Sit-Coms has ello ello as the answer and should be allo allo and The beginning of the end has enigma as the machine used to ‘crack’ Nazi codes when it was the machine used by the Germans to set codes.

  13. bernie says:

    Hi Ken i am just wondering if you have any more table top quizzes other than the ones on show?for instance in your archive maybe.I have used all of your current ones in my quiizes and they have been excellent.Keep up the good work pal.

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